Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why a BFL Cooking Blog?

Lots of folks try the "Body for Life" program and give up because they find the food side challenging: rather than paying for some company to send you all your horrendously expensive meals, you take responsibility for creating small, balanced meals yourself following guidelines set forth in the program.

But chicken breasts and brown rice get to be dull after a while. And, as all of our fore-mothers knew, planning, shopping and cooking take time and skill. Hence the boom in fast food chains: convient poor health.

I like good food. I hate fast food (well, I do like French fries!). But I also like to cook only once or twice a week. Hence I do a lot of experimenting to create BFL-legal meals that I can grab from the fridge and eat cold, or nuke in the microwave. The meals are portable, too, so that there's (almost) never a reason to not have your meals with you.

Cooking is, basically, kitchen chemistry. Pretty cool, actually. I'll be posting my "experiments" here for others to try and, if they like them, incorporate into their BFL meal planning.

Bon apetit!


Tracy B said...

MJ - This is neat that you made this blog. Thanks. I have been wanting to try this recipe for a week now. I bought all the ingredients last week but still haven't taken the time to make it. I am going to make it tomorrow. I will let you know how it turns out. Sounds tasty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your ideas! I tried an oatmeal shake before and thought I was gonna GAG! Yours is much different. I am making the oatmeal tonight and will have the shake tomorrow.
I LOVE the quiche. Keep the good eats coming.

Jon said...

Love the site, MJ. Tried the oatmeal shake this morning after my UBWO, and it really hit the spot! Thanks!!

Jon said...

BTW, Jon is actually Patty from OP, KS.

C2 said...

Glad you have this blog MJ! Will try the oatmeal shake tonight. Sounds interesting. :)